Thursday, May 2, 2013

Playseum Play Date

Maddox and Allie

Allie had a playdate today with her friend Maddox from school and we went to a small local children's museum called the Playseum.  The Playseum is immediately behind our old home (I could see Allie's old room from one of their windows) but we never went before because Allie wasn't walking around yet and it didn't seem like it would be that much fun.

Well, today was a lot of fun.  Allie got to play with some bunnies and a bird.  Allie really liked the bunny below, named Marshmallow.  She kept hugging Marshmallow and saying "Hi Baby!"

There were several different theme rooms where the kids could play but Allie and Maddox seemed to like the grocery store the best.  They each had their own cart and they loaded up on their favorite foods.

Allie was impressed that she could carry two orange juice containers at the same time.

I was most impressed with her ability to put all of the foods away where they belonged.  There were baskets of the different fruits and vegetables and Allie independently put all the produce away in the correct bins.  Miss Hen, our former cognitive play therapist, was always talking about how sorting was a big deal.  Hey Miss Hen, Allie's doing really well!  

The one (kind of hilarious) downer of the day was this little girl below.  I swear she is a mean girl in training.  She was playing at the ice cream stand and Allie wanted to get a scoop too.  Right after this photo, she snatched the ice cream out of Allie's hand and yelled at her.  Doesn't Allie look intimidated? Allie took it like a champ and went and got another scoop.  

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