Monday, April 8, 2013

Therapy Spring Break

A combination of spring break for our in-home therapists, poor management of Allie's referrals (the Children's OT referral expired two months ago and I didn't notice!), and my lingering cold has left Allie therapy-less for the past 2.5 weeks.  Normally this would be stressing me out but I swear Allie makes more gains when we give her a chance to figure out how all this therapy stuff applies to her real life.

Here are some of the cool things that Allie has done since her last therapy session:

  • Grabbed a plastic cup in her right hand so that she could put crayons in it with her left
  • Opened both doors of a cabinet at the same time, one door in each hand
  • Picked up two sticks, one in each hand, during a walk to the park
  • Mastered the "Open Shut Them" song with Righty
  • Goes around the house picking up objects with Righty and giggling
  • Picked up a big ball with both arms to put it in a basket  
  • Walking up and down stairs totally on her own without us hovering over her

The list goes on and on! 

Several of Allie's therapists and her physiatrist have told us that strategic therapy breaks are important to allow her therapy skills to transfer to her life skills.  Still, I often have a hard time just letting her relax.  I should work on letting her be the fun little kid that she is.

Here is a picture of Allie showing off her stair skills while we lounge on the beautiful deck that my dad built us.

We all really enjoyed having my dad here.  Not only did he build the awesome deck, but he made two previously unusable exterior windows usable again and helped us get rid of this weird cement walkway that abruptly ended in our front yard.  Allie enjoyed the extra Granpa time as well.

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