Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Therapy Kickoff

Enjoying some Abby time last week

To end Allie's glorious 2.5 weeks off, she had two OT appointments this morning and a trip to my nemesis pharmacy.  Her Children's Hospital OT hadn't seen her since we started constraint therapy and she was thrilled will all the new stuff Allie is doing.  The county OT who hasn't seen her in 3 weeks was also shocked.  I think she liked impressing them because she was unusually well behaved for both appointments.

The county OT is still relatively new with us and is still trying to figure out what works best with Allie. I commented that Allie typically prefers if we tell her to "use Righty" and then help her use it rather than just jumping in and helping her without any verbal cue.  After a few attempts at both ways, the OT said: "You're right!  I usually work with kids who don't have as strong of language processing skills as Allie."  Score.

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