Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Routine EEG and Theme Week at School

Yesterday, Allie had a routine EEG in preparation for her semi-annual joint Neurology and Physiatry appointment.  We haven't seen any seizures since February 2012 and had her last EEG when she had been seizure free for just a week.  This EEG was just to see if Allie is having any epileptic activity (unusual brain waves) that may not be reaching the level of causing a seizure.  The damage from the stroke will most likely always create some unusual activity because neurons that want to fire with neurons that were damaged can't complete their connection and can create erratic firing near the area of the stroke.

Allie seemed much more mature during this EEG than she was during her previous EEGs.  She still cried through most of it but she seemed like she was capable of composing herself, she just chose not to do it.  We got home and she took a long nap, then we walked to a local restaurant to have happy hour with Jonathan after he got off work.  Allie was happy to spend some time acting like a big girl and telling Dada about her long day.


This week is themed week at Allie's daycare and she is digging it.  

Monday was pajama day.  Allie wore her favorite PJs and brought her flash light along to have a pretend sleep over.

Today was costume day.  Allie was a hippie in a flowy jean dress, a fringe tie-dye yellow shall, and flower clips in her hair.  She liked it a lot, especially the flowers.

Tonight, she and Dada relaxed by watching some Baby MacDonald and then off to bed.

Can you believe how big she is getting?  I look at her and marvel at how grown up she looks.

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  1. I've been thinking lately how much Allie is looking a lot like her Dada. Then I see this picture of her in her pajamas and with a flashlight and she is looking just like her Mama. A perfect mix!