Thursday, April 11, 2013

PattiBobs are gone... for now

Allie had her first PT session in 3 weeks and I was so excited to show her PT all the new things that she could do.  Unfortunately, Allie had other plans and she pitched a fit and cried through most of our activities.  She even butt scooted down the stairs to make her protest perfectly clear.

I was talking to our PT about Allie's PattiBobs (the in-shoe arch support that Allie has been wearing in her shoes).  We let Allie wear whatever shoes she feels like wearing on a given day and only sometimes does she pick the shoes that have the PattiBobs in them.  The other day we were walking to school and I noticed that she was walking a little lopsided and that she was wearing the shoes with the PattiBobs.  The next day, she was wearing normal shoes (without PattiBobs) and she seemed to be walking better.  I asked the PT to look at Allie walk with and without the PattiBobs to see what she thought.

Test 1: Without shoes
Allie's feet still pronate (arches touch the ground) but it doesn't look as dramatic to me as it used to.  Still, it is clear that she needs arch support.

Test 2: Shoes with PattiBobs
The PT was horrified to see that Allie's whole right leg from the knee down was turning in while she was walking.  The PT said that she was worried that there could be some hip issues going on.  Oh no!

Test 3: Normal shoes
Allie's leg straightened out and she wasn't visibly pronating.  So, no hip problem (phew!) and no more PattiBobs.

We're going to give Allie a month long break from the PattiBobs and then test them again to see how things are going.

I am more than happy that she doesn't need foot/leg orthotics right now.  I had this fear that once we started going down the orthotics road with the PattiBobs that there would be no turning back.  I'm happy that Allie has proven me wrong, again.

On a playful note, Spring has hit with full force and it has been in the high 80s/low 90s the past couple days.  Still, Allie won't part with the wolf hat.  Her head gets all sweaty and she keeps telling me that she's hot ("Allie hottt!") but she cries when I take off the hat.  I hid it today; we'll see if she remembers.

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