Monday, April 22, 2013

National Walk for Epilepsy

Saturday was Allie's second annual National Walk for Epilepsy.  Thank you to all of you who donated and helped make our walk a success!  We raised $800 for the Epilepsy Foundation!  

Our friends Chris and Shara and their wonderful son Jacob joined us for the walk, just like they did last year.  

I was lazy and didn't pick up our shirts ahead of time so I had to wait in a stupidly long line to pick them up before the race.  I was standing there when I suddenly heard a familiar voice.  I turned around and Allie's former epileptologist was standing right behind me (you can read about our couple appointments with her here and here).  We only saw her a few times so I re-introduced myself and we chatted while we worked our way up in the line.  She wanted to hear about what we think really stopped the Infantile Spasms.  I said that it was probably the combination of ACTH and Trileptal, but that the Trileptal seems to be holding the seizures at bay with no discernible side effects.  Jonathan brought Allie over to say hello and we parted ways after getting our shirts.  It was a nice blast from the past, but I can't tell you how relieved I am that we don't have to see her medically anymore!  

The walk got off to a good start.  Jacob kept trying to make Allie laugh, and Allie obliged a few times.  She wasn't in the best mood and she kept pulling the stroller cover over her head for some alone time.  I can't say I blame here; it was windy and a little chilly. 

Not loving the wind

Photo bomb!  Check out the woman behind Allie's head.

Chris, Shara, and Jacob (the trooper)  

It was a good walk and I'm very glad that we did it.  It is also wonderful to feel so removed from the seizures.

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