Monday, April 15, 2013

Fun Weekend

Allie, Jonathan, and I had a really fun outdoor weekend. We did a ton of yard work and Allie liked to help. She brought out her rake and was copying everything we were doing.

During our breaks, we would go for walks around the neighborhood. Allie decided that she likes holding hands with me a few weeks ago, which is a big change from the strong objections she had before.  She also loves picking up sticks along the way.  On one of our walks, she picked up a stick with her left hand and then decided that she wanted to hold my hand too.  So, she reached up and grabbed my hand with Righty and held it as we walked down the street.  It was a good, strong grip and it made me so happy.

On another walk, she found a golf ball and treated it like it was prized possession.  She carried it the whole way with her.  But then… she saw a particularly attractive stick.  She thought about it for a moment, bent down and picked the stick up with Righty and went on her merry way; a stick in one hand and a ball in the other.  She (and we) thought it was pretty cool.

Allie’s language is picking up too.  She is mastering the 2-3 word sentences and loves trying out new combinations.  Some of my favorites from this weekend:

While we were going on a walk: “Dada walk.  Mama walk.  Allie walk.”

When Allie and I went to wake up Jonathan (poor Jonathan): “Mama up.  Allie up.  Dada night-night.  Dada want up!”

When the cat jumped on the couch next to Allie and me while we were watching Jonathan finish some yard work outside: “Mama and Allie sit.  Cat up.  Dada walk.”

When looking for her doll: “Baby?  Baby? Oh no, baby night-night.”  She then put her index finger up to her lips and whispered “quiet.  Baby night-night.”

I also caught her trying to sweet talk Jonathan into giving her more peanut butter (we have a rule that she only gets “buttah”, as she calls it, for one meal a day). 

“Yes, Allie?”
She coyly walks over to the chair he is sitting on and rests her head on his lap. 
“Nana?” (which is her word for hungry) accompanied with her signing for food.
“Yeah?  What do you want to eat?”
“More buttah.  Yeah, more buttah.  Cracker.” (meaning, I want peanut butter on a cracker.)
Jonathan laughed and said “no, Allie, you’ve already had butter today.”
“Yeah, more buttah.  Pleaseeeeee?  More buttah!” all the while, she is smiling and cuddling with him.

They continued bargaining for a while and then settled on yogurt, which made everyone happy.  Even Righty.

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  1. Sounds like a great weekend. We, on the other hand had snow, sleet and rain. We're not even thinking about raking. Tell Allie I'll try to warm things up before she gets here. I'll let you know if you'll néed a parka!