Saturday, March 16, 2013



Allie has figured out how to climb onto furniture!

She did it completely on her own this afternoon and with perfect physical therapy form.  We are all very proud (especially her).  We were playing out in the backyard this afternoon and she climbed up on a bench too.

Allie finished up this round of constraint therapy yesterday and it feel like such a weight has been lifted.  Great results; pain to do.  Her OT wants her to do another round in another year, which sounds just fine to us.

Jonathan took her to the last constraint session and part of it was the evaluation to see how far she has come.  Jonathan said that he was totally shocked that Allie did everything that her OT asked her to do and did so without the cast on.  I am excited to get the final write up of how her OT thinks things went.

We're going to take a couple weeks off to recoup from the constraint therapy schedule.  She resumes weekly private OT in 2 weeks and we skipped swim lessons this session.  It feels luxurious.

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  1. Cutest girl ever. Determined and courageous. Love, Gama