Monday, March 11, 2013

One... Two... Teeee!

Holy cow, Allie counted to three!

She was obnoxiously standing up on the furniture and wouldn't sit down like we kept telling her to do.  Jonathan said "Allie, I'm going to count to three and if you're not sitting down by then, I'm taking you off the chair. One..." She smiles. "Two..." She giggles.  "Three!" She plops her butt down on the chair and applauds herself.

Jonathan turns to me: "Do you think she knows what that means?  Hey Allie, one..."  She held up her pointer finger and then she said "Twoooo..." holding up two fingers and then "Teeee!" with three fingers up.  She then did it a few more times, applauding each time.

Smarty pants.

Bonnie left on Saturday and Allie was sad to see her go.  Who else is going to watch the 40 minute Old MacDonald video on the iPad with her?  Probably not us...

On Sunday morning, we went to a local park and met with another local family with a 2.5 year old kid with right hemiplegia, like Allie.  He (and the whole family) were great.  Allie was being ridiculously dramatic and we ended up leaving earlier than we would have liked to.  It is so nice to meet other families who have gone through similar things as us.

This is Allie's last week of constraint therapy at KKI and I'm so excited to have it over with! We have seen some absolutely amazing results, but I'm tired and I want our Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays back.  The thing that I notice most from this round is that Allie has started using Righty much more spontaneously.  For example, we were on the train coming home today and she decided to hold on to the pole with Righty in addition to Lefty.  Fine with me!  


  1. Hey, the Old McDonald video is GREAT. I've watch it since I've been home. Kisses to Allie

  2. So glad to hear you made it through another round of KKI and with such wonderful results! We need to get together for a pizza night now that your life is a little less hectic.