Thursday, March 28, 2013

No More Cardiology!

Allie had a cardiology appointment to check on her minor heart defect (you can read more about her atrial septal defect here).  I am happy to report that there was no sign of the defect, meaning that the hole closed on its own just like the cardiologist had said that it does in 40% of cases.  We will happily not return to the cardiologist; Allie has been dismissed.

Allie only has four doctors now: her pediatrician, her developmental pediatrician, her neurologist, and her physiatrist.  I cannot tell you how much pleasure it brings me to cross these doctors off our frequently-visited list.

Jonathan brought Allie to her appointment today and took all together amazing care of her for the past two days while I had a work meeting.  They picked me up from the train this evening and we went out to a local pizza place for dinner.  It was the probably the best dinner that Jonathan and I have ever had out with Allie.  She was sweet, charming, and happily ate her pizza and ice cream while watching the other kids in the restaurant.  And, she sits in the booth with us now instead of a high chair.

Waiting for our pizza

We were leaving the restaurant when Jonathan and I looked at each other and said (somewhat surprisedly): "That was fun!"  We normally leave restaurants in a frantic frazzled state with Allie screaming over one of our shoulders.

Today was a great day!

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