Monday, February 11, 2013

Happy 2nd Birthday!

Our little girl turned two years old today.  It was a great day.

When she woke up this morning, Jonathan and I both ran into her room and started singing the Happy Birthday song to her.  She sat through the whole thing with a slightly groggy and confused look on her face but, as soon as we finished, she smiled and then said "More?"  Another round!  By the end of the song, she was full of smiles and ready to get her day started.

We headed off to daycare and met with her OT.  The only problem was that John Henry The Guitar Playing Man burst into her classroom for a concert.  The OT session was a waste but it was a fun morning.  

We brought cupcakes for her classroom for an afternoon party and the kids were all sugar high by the time that I got there .  I brought a balloon for Allie and there was major balloon envy in the room.  She loved it and she insisted on carrying it home on the entire quarter mile walk home.

We had an Allie dinner of Kraft mac and cheese and applesauce...

... and then we brought out the cupcake.  Allie happily blew out the candle and asked for more.  We lit the candle and sang Happy Birthday at least a half dozen times.  Most of the times, she couldn't contain her excitement and she would blow out the candle right away.

After all the candle excitement, the cupcake was pretty good too.

We had a great night just relaxing with Allie.  It was a world of difference from her birthday last year.

Happy birthday little girl!  We love you!  

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  1. Happy 2nd Birthday Miss Allie!!!! Can't wait to see you! Love, favorite uncle Blake, favorite aunt Sam, favorite cousins Louie Biggie and Tobi :)