Thursday, February 21, 2013

Allie's Birthday Party Update

Allie has had a busy week (and so have we).  I was out of town on Tuesday and Wednesday for work, and on Thursday my mom and Jonathan's parents came into town.  Allie was excited to see all the grandparents and we had a fun Valentine's day together.

The next day, our friend Lisa got into town and finally got to meet Allie in person.  Allie celebrated by opening one of her gifts early.... an amazing kitchen!  

Exploring the new kitchen 

Saturday was Allie's birthday party and we all had so much fun.

Grandma, Lisa, and Papa at Allie's party
She got to do a lot of her favorite things, such as... baby petting...

hat modeling... 
Hat modeling 

giggling with Abby...

blowing out candles...

and opening presents.

After the actual party, Allie and Gama had a cupcake party.  Allie went through 5 of them!

On Sunday, Allie was sad to see Gama and Papa go.  On Monday, Lisa and Grandma left too and then there were just us three left.  

Busy week for a two year old.

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