Thursday, January 3, 2013

"Smart as a Whip"

Allie sees her cognitive therapist twice a month at home but I always forget when this poor woman is coming.  Most times she shows up and I'm all disheveled or Allie is asleep.  Today was another one of those days.

Allie and I went for a long walk to the park and grocery store, she woofed a giant lunch, and I was eating some cake (don't judge!) and mentally preparing to put Allie to bed when the doorbell rang.  Miss Hen (as we call her) was at the door.  I hadn't showered or brushed my teeth, there was food thrown on the floor, I had cake on my shirt (I feel you judging!) and Allie was laying on the floor in her playroom pretending to go "Night Night" with toys surrounding her.  Poor Miss Hen.

In spite of the chaos, Miss Hen jumped right into her games that are meant to test Allie's abilities to sort, match, and use things appropriately.  After a half hour of Allie happily playing all Miss Hen's games, Miss Hen said "I'll tell you what, Mom.  There is nothing wrong with Allie's cog (cognitive ability).  She is smart as a whip.  I'll keep seeing her twice a month for now, but we really should think about cutting it down."  

Miss Hen is also our service coordinator for the county's early intervention program, which includes Allie's in home OT and PT and speech evaluations.  She had the write up from Allie's latest speech eval with her today.  She proudly reiterated that speech therapy is not currently recommended for Allie.  

Today's was an appointment to celebrate.  Maybe I'll even remember our next date... but probably not.

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  1. Great news but no surprise. She IS smart as a whip. Miss Henn sounds wonderful. Love to Allie The Bright One