Sunday, January 6, 2013

Glamour Girl

Jonathan and I have slowly been fixing up Allie's play room to turn it from a weird dark media room to a little girl's play space.  We finally finished the closet today and all of Allie's toys are now organized and within her reach.  She got up from her nap, came downstairs to the playroom, and was shocked by all her toys.  She kept saying "Whoa!   Whoa!"  It was super cute.

She now has a little jewelry dish with all of her necklaces and bracelets in it.  She brought all of them into the kitchen, put them on the ground, picked them up one by one and asked "More?" meaning "Put this on me".

Once she was fully loaded up, she toddled around the house slightly weighted down for at least 15 minutes.  She loved it.

Note the headband that Allie is wearing in the photo.  Her BFF Abby gave it to her on Friday and she hasn't parted with it since.  She even naps with it on.  Allie has a new favorite accessory.

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