Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Allie's Insurance Changes

Swim class from a couple weeks ago

We have had a few insurance changes lately and they're all great.  

The in-house neurologist who was replacing our existing pediatric stroke specialist neurologist has booted us and we get to continue seeing our specialist neurologist.  We were willing to give the other neurologist a try but when she didn't respond to several of my emails over a couple months, I started complaining about her Allie's pediatrician and her insurance case manager.  Soon enough, I got an email from Allie's pediatrician saying that the neurologist thinks that Allie should continue to be seen by the other doctor.  I must be more annoying than I even give myself credit for.

One of Allie's other doctors is a pediatric psychologist who keeps track of her developmental progress.  I have always hated this woman.  During our very first interaction with her, she said that there is no way that Allie could sign for milk (which she did) and that we were negligent parents for letting Allie have any battery operated toys.  She did have some good advice, like breaking Allie's pacifier and bottle habits, but I dreaded having to see her because she was so negative.

Allie's pediatrician cautiously broke the news that our insurance got an in-house developmental pediatrician and this person will be covered instead of the pediatric psychologist.  I was thrilled!  I don't think it was the reaction that the pediatrician was expecting.  We have our first appointment with the new developmental pediatrician in a couple weeks.

I love it when things just work out.

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