Saturday, December 29, 2012


We got back from CA yesterday; we had so much fun!

I can't believe how much Allie grew up over the past two weeks.  She is now a comfortable walker, toddling all around everywhere she goes.  She is talking a lot too.  The best addition to her vocabulary is "Yeah!"  Up until now, she would only say "no" to things and we would joke that an absence of a "no" is a "yes".

Yesterday on the plane, I asked if she wanted to read a book.  She said "yeah".  I asked if she wanted to read the Olivia book and she said "Yeah!"  Then, she changed her mind and said "No, no... baby" meaning that she would rather read her peek-a-boo baby book that we brought too.  I put away the Olivia book and grabbed the baby book and she was so happy that I understood what she wanted.  It was cool being able to have a conversation with her.

Allie does seem a lot more opinionated lately and I think that we may be entering the terrible twos.  The other night at dinner, I took a chopstick away from her and she slapped me in the face.  I was shocked and she burst out laughing. She has thrown a few tantrums since then and I think that Jonathan and I are learning to be firm, but I'm not looking forward to tear-filled fights to come.

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