Sunday, December 23, 2012

Allie in California

Allie, Jonathan, and I are all in CA visiting my family for Christmas.  Allie is loving all the attention.  But, in typical Allie fashion, she got an ear infection while traveling.  I would love for this girl not to get an ear infection during at least one trip.

We went to an urgent care facility tonight and the nurse gave Allie a homemade pillow as a gift.  Allie loved it and was doing laps up and down the hall clutching her pillow while I filled the nurse in on Allie's medical history.  She was totally shocked that babies can have strokes but I'm getting pretty used to that reaction.

Allie was leading the way to a private exam room when she decided that she was too tired to go on.  She threw her new pillow on the ground, plopped down next to it, said "Night Night!' and rested her head on the pillow.  I laughed and said "Allie, you can't go night night in the middle of the hallway."  I picked her up and she mischievously giggled all the way to the exam room.

After the exam was over, Allie walked out to the main receptionist where we needed to check out.  Allie gave her a big smile, waved, and said "bye bye".  The receptionist said "she sure is a happy little girl, especially considering her ear infection."

Allie pretending to go Night Night while waiting for her ear exam.
Earlier today, much of my extended family went on a brunch cruise around the San Francisco bay.  Allie (and Jonathan and I) had such a great time.  Allie is definitely a buffet kind of girl.  She was shoveling everything into her mouth as quickly as she could and she ultimately decided to ditch the fork in favor of getting the food into her mouth by the handful.  My favorite part about the cruise was that Santa was on the boat.  Allie was less than thrilled:

I will NOT sit on his lap!
Let's go over there instead

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