Tuesday, November 13, 2012

We have a walker!

Allie has figured out how to walk!  She still wipes out occasionally but she figured out her balance and, if she goes slowly, she can walk.  We are so happy.

I picked her up from daycare last night and her teacher said that she had something to show me.  She said, "Hey Allie, let's go wash our hands."  At that, Allie left the table that she was playing at and walked all by herself over to the sink that is about 10 feet away.

It have never been so proud.

Today, we finally met Allie's new weekly OT and Allie really seemed to like her.  She is young and upbeat, which seems to jive with Allie.  And, she was so impressed at all the stuff Allie could do.  She kept pointing out the good stuff like "Did you see how she uses Righty to grab onto surfaces to pull up?  She's doing a great job using her right arm to counterbalance herself!  I'm amazed that she engages Righty when you ask her to!  I can see why constraint therapy would work so well for her---she has the functionality, she just needs the motivation."  I like the positivity instead of the old jerk OT who always harped on what Allie couldn't do. 

Allie and I spent the rest of the morning playing in the backyard and cleaning up some leaves.  After playing in the leaves for over an hour, she was covered in mud and hungry.  After a quick lunch and an outfit change (she let me change her shirt while she was standing up by herself!), it was off to a nap.  

It has been a good couple days. 


  1. Love, Love, Love the hat...ears and all. So happy we have a Big Walker!!!! You always said that one day she would just up and so it. And she did. Give her kisses from GAMA.

  2. That is amazing!!!! Keep up the good work mama and Allie! How old is she now?

  3. Awesome, Allie! So proud of you :)

  4. Yay Allie! Louie and I cant wait to see you show off your new walking skills this weekend!!! woohoo!