Monday, November 12, 2012


Allie is so close to independently walking that I can't believe she's not doing it already.  She can stand all by herself perfectly balanced (she will even lift her hands above her head and show us how big she is while standing) and take intentional steps with long pauses between them.  The only thing she doesn't have is confidence that she can keep it going.  After a couple of perfect steps, she careens into the nearest object like she needs to catch herself. 

Her PT suggested that we hold her wrist while walking instead of letting her clutch onto us.  This is supposed to make her realize that she doesn't need to hold on to walk and it gives us more control of when to let go.  Allie seems to be responding very well to this and will keep walking a few independent steps after we let go (and until she really realizes that we aren't holding on anymore).  You can see Jonathan working on this strategy while he and Allie did some uphill laps yesterday at the park.  When they would get close to me at the top of the hill, Jonathan would let go and Allie would walk right on over. 

We continue to work on Allie's overall strength by making her climb up the stairs at home several times a day, never-ending right leg step ups on a little bench (like step aerobics!), and lots of assisted walking everywhere she goes. 

I'm sure that walking is just going to be like everything else she does.  She will fight it, fight it, fight it, until all the sudden she's running around.  I remember pushing her so hard to sit up on her own and then it just clicked and we couldn't keep her down.  I would bet that this is going to be the same way.

Allie's swim lessons started back up a few weeks ago.  This Saturday, the teacher noticed that Allie wasn't quite moving the way that a typical kid would and she gently inquired into how she could help.  Jonathan said that Allie has cerebral palsy from a stroke, and the older woman said "Nooooo!  I had a stroke a couple of months ago.  I'm going to try to find some extra exercises and props to help her!"  It looks like we have a new addition to Team Allie. 

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