Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Allie had an amazing Thanksgiving.  We all went to MN to visit Jonathan's family and my dad (Granpa), stepmom (Grandma Bets), sister Hannah, and brother Mikko joined us all out there.

Allie got to meet her new cousin Louie and she loved him.  Aside from her cute kisses in the video above, my favorite Allie and Louie moment was when she leaned over, gently tapped Louie's diaper, looked up at her Auntie Sam and said "Poo poo!"  Her cousins Noah and Elliot kept her busy with lots of fun.

Allie's favorite Thanksgiving foods were sweet potatoes and cranberry sauce.

The day after Thanksgiving, we went to the Holidazzle lights parade though downtown Minneapolis.  I thought Allie would love it.  Turns out, it scared the crap out of her.  Each light-laden float had a sign that preceded it.  As soon as Allie saw a sign marching down the street towards her, she started shouting "no no no NO NO NO NO NOOO! NOOO!"  Once the sign passed, she would shout "bye bye!  Bye bye!"

A highlight of the trip was when we got to meet a young lady in Allie's cousin Erika's college dorm who also had an in utero stroke.  It was so amazing!  If I were to meet this woman on the street, I never ever would have guessed that she had had a stroke.  She said that she has a little less muscle mass on her whole right side (which I couldn't tell) and she can't independently move her fingers (which I also couldn't tell).  It took me several minutes of talking with her to even be able to tell if it was her right or left side that was impaired.  She was gesturing with both arms, opening and closing her hands, and being overall AMAZING.  I have never been so encouraged.

It was a fun trip.  My only complaint is that Allie now wakes up shouting "Papa!" in search of Jonathan's dad.

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