Thursday, November 8, 2012

Sick Family

Allie's Halloween illness spread to the rest of us and Jonathan and I have been pretty under the weather for the past week.  Allie, however, has been very busy.

She voted.  My dad was shocked that they let Allie vote with an elephant shirt on.  I was shocked that they let a baby vote.

We went straight from voting to pick up her new Benik splint!!!  After several months of waiting for our insurance, we got the stupid $162 dollar splint.  I seriously wish that we had just paid for it out of pocket but this was a good precedent to set with our insurance.  Hassle aside, I really like the Benik.  Allie is much more willing to bear weight on it and wiggle her fingers around.  It is bulky and it won't be great to wear all the time but it seems to be improving her confidence. 

She crawled all the way through the tube with it on.  I had never seen her crawl so far before.

Her balance is getting better too.

And, she really likes drawing.

Here are some other recent photos of Allie.

"I'm a Jack-O-Lantern!"

"But I'm way cuter!"

Inspecting the menu

Eating tomato soup, and not getting much in

Here's to hoping that we all feel better soon!

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