Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The virtue of being annoying

Fogging up the window
Yesterday, I called every private pediatric occupational therapy service I knew of trying to get Allie in to somewhere soon.

I was told by the Children's Hosipital that the wait was typically 4-5 months, and we had only been in line for a month.  This seemed unacceptable, so I left a voicemail for the therapy manager and emailed the therapist directly to see if we could get in earlier.  I didn't really expect it to work but the one concrete lesson that I've taken from arranging Allie's medical care is this: be as annoying and persistent as possible whenever possible.

I got a call from the OT scheduler this morning and Allie will be resuming weekly OT on Oct 16.  The strange thing is that the scheduler offered me 5 different times to choose from.  It frustrates me that there are kids waiting for therapy and weekly slots left unfilled.  Well, now there is one less open slot being wasted.

Today is a rainy and cold day and Allie discovered that her breath on the window makes the window fog up.  She was so impressed.  Check out how she was using Righty to balance while exploring dew points.

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