Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Grouchy Ladybug

Halloween... FAIL!

Allie got sent home from daycare today for being unusually grumpy with a mild fever.  She had a fever over the weekend but we thought that she was all better.  Apparently we were wrong.

She skipped out on her Halloween parade in favor of a quick trip to the doctor for a checkup.  One quick peek into Allie's ear and her doctor jerked back and declared: "Infected.  Definitely infected."

After much crying, a trip to the pharmacy, and a train and two bus rides, we were home.  To the left is Allie sleeping on my chest on the bus.

Once we got home, Allie fell asleep for a couple hours.  We were hoping that she would wake up happy enough to play in her costume and be adorable.  No such luck.

In non-Allie news, we got so many trick or treaters!  We went through 7 bags of candy and then had to shut off all the lights, take our candles out of our pumpkins, and take the gigantic spider off our porch.  Then we went and hid in the basement while the little kids rang our doorbell.

Lesson of the night: kids do not like 100 Grand candy bars.  Several kids accidentally grabbed them out of our candy bowl and then threw them back in like they burned their fingers.

Happy Halloween! 

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