Monday, October 1, 2012

Substitute OT

Pre-therapy Grump

Some days, Allie simply is not a morning person.  Today was one of those days.

To make up for two of the occupational therapy sessions that Allie's regular (soon-to-be ex-) OT missed, the program has tapped a contractor OT to pick up the slack.  This contractor OT was amazing!  So amazing, in fact, that Allie the grump (shown above) went from being super frustrated at life to being a happy right hand user in the span of 5 minutes.

During the session, the OT had Allie bear her weight completely on Righty, put shapes into a fancy shape sorter with her right hand, and hold onto a wand with both hands to pull/push it.  Allie was having so much fun that she had forgotten what a terrible mood she was in before.

Allie's great mood continued as we walked to the train.  She was strapped in front of me in an Ergo carrier and she kissed me over and over again the whole walk.  When we got on the train, she waved at everyone she saw, introduced herself---"Allie!"---and blew kisses at the responsive people. And then we got to daycare and her teacher said: "Wow, Allie, why are you so happy this morning?"  I can tell you that I didn't expect that outcome when I took the picture above.

It was so great working with an OT who had nice things to say about Allie.  She said that Allie's tone in her right arm seems really good, she was supportive of constraint therapy and said that she could see why it would work so well for Allie, and she was horrified that our soon-to-be ex-OT would dare to say that Allie wasn't going to get any better because she could see a lot of potential in their short session.  This great session reinforced how crappy our soon-to-be-ex is. 

Since we will only have the contractor OT for un-made-up make-up sessions, I got her information to see if we could arrange regular private sessions.  Of course our insurance doesn't cover her company.  I then spent a large portion of the rest of the day trying to find easy to get to private OT for Allie and was largely unsuccessful.  We got put on the waitlist at the Children's Hospital over a month ago and I was told today that a 4-5 month wait is typical.  That is an awfully long time to a 19 month old.  I plan to resume my annoyingness and call everyday in hopes of getting in sooner.

In a previous post (make that two posts), I whined about the new in-network pediatric neurologist and how horrible it was going to be switching.  Well, I saw the first real advantage today.  The neurologist re-entered the referral for the Benik splint and it was approved.  Allie gets fitted next week.

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  1. Bravo!!! Hard as change can be it is sometimes the best decision in the world. Go Righty!