Tuesday, October 16, 2012

OT Revolution

Allie had her last session with the mean county OT today and her first session with the new Children's Hospital OT.  It was an OT-packed day.

The former went as well as it could go.  Things were professional.  It was a little weird because she barely even acknowledged that it was the last time that she would see Allie.  See seemed pretty relieved to be walking out the door.

The new Children's OT, however, is great.  She seemed very nice and playful and Allie seemed to like her.  I was shocked at how well behaved Allie was for the new OT because it was an early afternoon session, she was on a nap-strike and hadn't slept, and she got her flu and make-up immunization shots that were off schedule from her ACTH days.  And still, Allie stacked blocks, smashed play-doh, and strung beads with her.

We have our first session with the new county OT in 2 weeks and will be seeing the Children's OT every other week.  Since Allie doesn't have county OT next week, we will be padding in an extra Children's OT session.  I hope it works well.

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