Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Hello? Allie Calling!

Allie is pretend playing so much.

She makes soup by putting her toy vegetables in a toy pot, stirs them with her toy spoon, tastes her soup, indicates her approval with a loud "MMMMMMmmmmmm!", and then offers a sip to whomever is around.  Her cognitive play therapist saw Allie doing this the other day and said "Wow, I'm going to have to start making up reasons to keep working with you!"

Today, Allie re-discovered a phone on one of her older toys and immediately picked it up it up and started saying "Owl? Owl?" (which I think means "Hello? Hello?").

It makes me happy to see her exploring new things and playing with old toys in new ways.

In other news, Allie had her second session with her new Children's Hospital OT today.  Allie was majorly distracted by a 15 month old boy who was getting PT in the same room, but she still managed to hide mini-bears in a giant tub of raw lima beans and then find them again and put them away... all with Righty.  It was not the most productive session, especially after the boy got a toy bus to play with (Allie was so jealous), but I do really like the OT.

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