Friday, October 12, 2012

From Lefty to Righty

Jonathan's dad Tom (better known as Papa) is in town visiting and Allie sure is showing off. 

The four of us sat in Allie's playroom tonight and played catch.  She has an amazing throwing arm and throws the ball right at us.  At one point, we missed a catch and the ball rolled under the furniture and she started giving Dada the pouty face and saying "ball!" while pointing for him to go get it.  Jonathan said "Say please," and she responded with "pwweeezzz."

She took a break from catch to get a fake drink of milk from her toy baby bottle and decided to offer some to her little people (the luckiest of them is shown in the photo to the left).  She was trying to figure out how to both hold the person and give her a bottle all with one hand.  Her first attempt was to pop the person's head in her own mouth and then give herself a fake drink.  Yum.  I took the person and put her in Righty and she realized that she could use both hands for this.  Not to overstate it, but I think it was an epiphany for her.

After a couple bottles of fake milk, she took the person out of Righty to better play with her.  She then decided that she would like the person back in Righty so that she could give her more milk.  She started by trying to push her into Righty but Righty was fisted and she couldn't get her in.  So, she thought about it, opened her fingers, and put the person in.  This was the first time that Allie ever put anything into Righty!

The three of us burst into cheers and clapping so, of course, Allie started cheering and clapping.   She is a praise junky, after all.

Allie then crawled all the way up our steep stairs to her bedroom by herself (with Jonathan guarding for safety) and picked out a bedtime book for Papa to read her.  He got about half way through the book when she lost interest, scooted over to her crib, and said "Night night."  Show off.

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