Friday, October 5, 2012

Brave girl

Allie is getting braver with her walking every day.  The video above shows her most recent physical therapy activity where we put toys on separated surfaces so that she has to transition between them on her own.  We keep moving the ottoman a little farther away from the chair and she hasn't really noticed. 

She also walks around holding just one of my fingers now.  She got up the courage today to let go.  This moment of courage gave way to crippling fear and she dramatically toppled to the ground.  Not a great implementation, but she tried.

Righty is getting adventurous too.  Jonathan was dropping us off at the train today so that Allie and I could go to daycare and then I could go to work.  Allie was strapped to my chest in an Ergo carrier and she kissed Dada, waved to him, and said "Bye bye!"  Jonathan and I looked at each other to see if the other saw it... Allie waved bye-bye with Righty.  She then showed off her Righty waving on the train to a few other strangers too, but they didn't quite appreciate how cool it was.


  1. Allie, I love the new video and seeing how great your walking is getting. Keep up the good work!! Gama

  2. OMG! She is so stinkin cute! She's one smart cookie using her bootie for balance.

  3. Love it! Especially the running commentary, complete with razzberry.