Sunday, October 21, 2012

Allie is a Big Cousin!

Allie became a big cousin today to Louie Jameson, Jonathan's sister Sam and her husband Blake's brand new baby boy.  I must say, Allie did seem older and wiser today.  I think that she is trying to live up to her new role.

Lately, Allie has been doing a lot of coloring with markers and I think it has made a big difference in her Righty usage.  We have Allie put the cap-end of the marker into Righty, and then she pulls the marker out of the cap with Lefty, colors to her heart's desire, and then re-caps the marker and sets it down when she is done.  Between the coloring and climbing up the stairs, Allie's Righty use is all over the place.

She was hanging with her BFF Abby last night while Jonathan and I had a date night, and Abby took this video of Allie during her bedtime story.  She was sitting on Abby's lap, holding her stuffed bunny with Lefty, and turning the pages of the book with Righty.  I am so happy that Righty is becoming something that she can count on and use when needed.

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  1. Love that Righty! She's going to need Lefty and Righty when helping out her new cousin. Love from Gama