Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Allie Backlog

Allie has had quite the week!

On Thursday night, she showed Dada her new balancing skills applied to walking.  She got up to five independent and balanced steps between furniture.  Below is a video of one of her three step laps.  Note at the end how she is trying to suck on the peg... sometimes I think she still misses her pacifier.

On Friday, she had a fun day at daycare and a relaxing evening at home with Dada.  I had my first (of two) two-day work meetings on Friday so Jonathan was basically on his own for Friday-Monday.

Saturday morning was her first swim class of the season.  To the left is a picture of Allie before class.  We were very excited about the swim classes because the pool is within walking distance from our house.  However, there was a substitute teacher running the class and she was super intense; probably too intense for a baby swim class.  She kept insisting that Allie hold onto a floating barbell in a particular way, but it was difficult for Allie to do.  She kept trying to readjust Allie and Allie was getting more and more frustrated every time the teacher touched her.  Hopefully it will be better this weekend when the real teacher is there.

Saturday night, Jonathan and I stocked up for the impending Hurricane Sandy and I got ready for my second two-day meeting.

Allie spent most of Sunday outside with Dada raking leaves with her own mini-rake and sorting rocks on our patio.  Jonathan was trying to make sure that the gutters were clean and drains weren't blocked for the storm.  My meeting somewhat imploded because of the storm and only 5 of the 15 people showed up and a couple of them left to try to get out of the way of the storm.

We cancelled the Monday the meeting and held a teleconference instead.  I am sure that the group heard a few Allie screams in the background, but that's OK.  I once had a conference call when Allie started laughing hysterically for no apparent reason.  Before I knew it, everyone on the phone was laughing too.  That baby laugh is pretty infectious.  

I was nervous about the storm knocking over one of our gigantic trees onto our home and crushing us in our sleep, so we set up camp in the basement.  We brought Allie's mattress down and bumped it into a corner.  We then put the backup mattress that I was using next to Allie.  Jonathan got the couch.  To put it mildly, it was a miserable night.  The cats were circling us and freaking Allie out.  I swear that she woke up every hour.  At one point, Jonathan decided that I was not doing enough to keep Allie happy.  Instead of actually doing anything to help, he laid on the couch and huffed every time Allie made a noise.  He seriously could have been blowing up balloons.  In one of his sweeter moments, he took the picture of Allie and me to the left. 

Luckily, we made it through the storm safely and just a little sleep deprived.  Allie is excited to get back to daycare tomorrow!


  1. Woohooo! Look at her go! Also, I literally laughed out loud at 1:30 in the morning probably waking up Mark at the mental image of Jonathan huffing. on the couch. I can totally picture it :)