Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Cruising with Righty

So close...

Using Rigty while cruising is the first meaningfully bi-manual activity that Allie has figured out how to do.  Before, she would use Righty if her left arm was unavailable and occasionally to hold a larger object, but Righty has never been more useful than it is while cruising.  She uses Righty to reach for and play with toys that she has cruised to.  She uses Righty to stabilize herself and to lead her transition between furniture.  

We have set up a furniture obstacle course around our home (see below), which is great for Allie and very annoying for us.  We often have to climb over furniture to get between rooms.  She is getting much better at cruising to the left where she has to trust her right leg more to support her.  She is also getting at cruising between disconnected pieces of furniture.  

Where to next?

Today was her last day in her original classroom and Friday will be her first full day in her new classroom.  Here she is playing on the playground when we picked her up today.


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