Friday, August 24, 2012

New House

Last Friday, Jonathan and I bought our first house! Allie now has her own room, a playroom (shown above), and a big back yard to play in.

The play room is special for me because I always wanted one growing up.  I remember that there was a Japanese boy named Tomo who lived next door and he had an amazing playroom.  I would spend hours playing in his play room and being incredibly envious of his cool toys and extra space.  It wasn't until years later, long after my neighbors had moved away, that I was informed that Tomo and his family didn't speak any English.  How did I not know this?  We played together all the time?  I think I was blinded by the playroom.

Allie has been pulling up to stand, cruising around, and crawling all over.  We are very happy with her physical therapy advances over the past couple weeks.  However, she has been very resistant to her constraint therapy over the past week or so.  I think the problem is that she mastered the activities that we have been working on for so long and we are now pushing her to do more.  The poor girl gets so frustrated and just starts crying big tears.  It breaks my heart.

We have found some neat bi-manual activities where she uses Righty as a helper.  I think these are probably more meaningful activities but I really want to push her more.  Maybe she just needs a break to focus on PT?  I don't know but it's frustrating and painful watching her struggle.

Allie has learned a few new words in the past week.  When she falls down from cruising she says either "oh geez" or "doh".  She hugs her stuffed animals and calls them "baby".  And, she asks for water "wawa" when we put her to bed.  She's growing up so fast!

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