Sunday, August 5, 2012


A few months ago we dropped crawling from Allie's urgent physical therapy goals and decided to focus our PT efforts on walking.  Well, Allie seems to be figuring out how to crawl just fine without our constant meddling.  The other day, she popped up on quadruped (like above but with her butt higher in the air) and started scooting her knees forward.  She hasn't quite figured out how to coordinate her four limbs to work together but we are just thrilled that she is so willing to bare weight through her right arm and to explore new positions.  It is a little hard to tell in the photo above but her right hand is totally open.  This is a great stretch for her hand and a wonderful exercise for her whole upper body.

So, her quadruped crawling (aka "four-point crawling") is in progress but is definitely emerging.  We saw her "army crawl" (pulling herself along with her belly on the ground) for the first time today.  It would be so cool for her to figure out crawling all on her own!

In other news, Allie's language development is really picking up.  I was cleaning her yogurt-covered face off tonight and asked her: "How did you get so dirty?"  She happily declared "DIRTY!"  Below is a photo of her getting cleaned up after one of her more messy dinners.

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