Saturday, July 21, 2012


One of Allie's occupational therapy goals is supination (turning her palm to the sky) and pronation (turning her palm to the ground) while keeping her shoulder and elbow stationary.  The simple motion that I have completely taken for granted my entire life actually involves a lot of muscle control.  

It is coming along better than we could have hoped.  You can watch her supinating in the video below.  We put a sticker in her palm and try to get her to look at it. 

We often make Allie sit on a little bench while she is doing her constraint therapy to discourage her from rotating and banging her cast on things, namely us.  Allie tries her best to rotate around on the bench and she has gotten quite good at it... usually.  I caught one of her less graceful moments on film tonight:

When we aren't forcing Allie to do exercises or laughing at her clumsiness,  her favorite past time is laughing at Dada.  They play peek-a-boo through her bedroom door and Allie gets the biggest kick out of it.  Watch one of their games below.

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