Monday, July 2, 2012

Power Outage

DC had a nasty storm on Friday and knocked out our power... for 3 days.  This all happened during record high temperatures hovering around 100 F with a lot of humidity.  Not a fun weekend.

The first night, our home was still pretty cool from residual AC.  Allie went to her best friend Abby's house who still had AC for most of the day on Saturday.  That night, we slept at home but it was pretty hot.  Sunday rolled around and we spent most of the day driving around.  Allie toured some small towns in Virginia then ventured out to West Virginia.  Allie slept in the car most of this time.  In the afternoon, we all went to Abby's house and hung out to keep cool.  We tried to go home that night but Allie started overheating and so we went back to Abby's house and spent the night there.  Finally, it came back on today.  I consider us lucky since the power company had originally estimated that it would take a week to get power back up and running.

Maybe because we had so much time to sit and watch her but Allie's right hand action blew me away this weekend.  Take a look at the pictures above.  In both of them, Righty is up in the action looking totally typical.  We were at a coffee shop one morning and she started raking her right fingers over different wrapped granola bars trying to figure out which she liked better.  Raking was a box that has always been left unchecked during all of her occupational therapy evaluations.

Allie has a busy day tomorrow.  She had occupational therapy at home tomorrow morning, then Jonathan is taking her to aquatic therapy downtown, then to joint Neurology and Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation doctors appointments.  The joint doctor appointments are always nice because we get two doctors in the room at the same time to discuss Allie's development.  I think that we get a more complete assessment at these joint appointments than at two separate appointments with the same doctors.

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