Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Mikko Visits!

Mikko and Jonathan

My brother Mikko is visiting for a week to take a French cuisine course at a local cooking school.  Allie gets a big kick out of him.  He brought her a big purple monkey that scares the heck out of her every time she sees it.  The other night, Mikko put it in her crib while she was sleeping and she woke up shortly after screaming in terror and trying to get away from it.  She loves the monkey during the day but wants nothing to do with it when the lights go out.  I can't say that I blame her.   

In a feat of perfect timing, Allie came down with Coxsackievirus (hand, foot, and mouth disease) on Monday and got booted out of daycare.  She doesn't seem to mind the little red bumps on her hands, feet, and mouth.  Since Coxsackie spreads around daycares like wildfire, she has to stay clear of the place for a while.  More cuddle time for me!

Allie had an amazing treat today:  we got a delivery!  She happily played in the box for at least an hour.  Some snapshots are below.

In spite of Allie's sickness, she was super cuddly.  She spent a half hour on my lap giggling and nuzzling with me.  I LOVED IT.

A few posts ago, I commented about Allie's foot curling.  I assume that this is a product of the stroke.  My only reason for suspecting otherwise is Jonathan.  Check out the side-by-side comparison below.  

Allie playing with her toys
Jonathan working on his computer
 So, stroke or genetic?  I think the verdict is still out.

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  1. Love the curling toes. Great to see a new picture of Mikko. Has she said GAMA yet? Gama