Monday, July 30, 2012

Light switches and belly buttons

Doing my best Dada impression
Allie has had a pretty laid back week.  On the physical front, she is getting more and more comfortable cruising along furniture.  In the picture above, she had just walked the length of the couch to get some toys off my lap.  She then cruised down my leg to the ottoman, around the ottoman to Dada's feet... and then she realized that she would have to touch Dada's feet to get any farther.  She made the safe choice and sat down. 

Another cool thing that Allie is doing is turning light switches on and off.  Allie's fine motor skills on her left (stronger) hand are not quite as adept as we want them to be.  This is supposedly common because she hasn't had as many opportunities to explore the world as a typical kid would.  It is interesting to watch because she seems to struggle with simple movements that I wouldn't think would be so hard.  For example, sometimes instead of flipping the light switch up she tries to pull it out horizontally.  She keeps at it and eventually figures out that she has to go up.  I am assuming she'll figure all these movements out eventually and just needs a little more time to explore.

However, today she got the opportunity to turn off two light switches and she voluntarily did both with Righty even though her left arm was totally available.  We were proud.

Watching Olympics with Mama

I started working full time (from half time) a few weeks ago and I was feeling like I wasn't getting as much Allie time as I wanted.  So, we bumped her bed time back a half hour to 8pm so that she and I could get some more cuddle time in.  We both are enjoying it very much.  The photo above was taken on one of our first "late nights".

Lastly, Allie has become obsessed with belly buttons.  She calls them "bow baa".  She will weasel up to Jonathan and me, yank our shirts up, and poke our belly buttons while shouting "Bow baa! Bow baa!"  Even though our belly buttons are cool, they don't have anything on her own belly button.  She will yank up her shirt, suck her stomach in until she can see her belly button, poke it, and declare "bow baa" with complete and utter surprise as if she didn't think it was still going to be there. 

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  1. I laughed out loud. Didn't know Jonathan's feet or your three bell buttons could be so funny! B