Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Big Step: Little Steps

Here is a video of Allie cruising!

Allie had her bi-annual developmental evaluation today.  These things always bum me out so much; you don't go to a developmental psychologist because everything is going smoothly with your kid.  I also hate that I can auto-pilot drive to the Children's Hospital.  But, all that aside, it was a pretty good evaluation.

We don't have the final results yet, but the psychologist said that Allie's speech seems right on target and her cognitive development is at the level of a 15 month old (she is currently 17 months old).  A 2-month delay isn't too bad especially since 15-18 month olds are all in the same developmental group.  It could be worse.

And just because Allie likes to be surprising, she figured out how to feed herself with a fork today.  Here is a video below:

Believe it or not, she did manage to eat quite a bit of her watermelon... just off camera.

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