Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Aquatic Therapy and Neurology Appointment

Reaching with Righty

Practicing walking

Practicing standing

So many ducks to choose from...
Allie had aquatic therapy and a neurology appointment today, both of which Jonathan took her to.  She was supposed to have occupational therapy appointment but the therapist never showed up and the neurology appointment was supposed to be a joint appointment with physiatry but that doctor never showed up either.  In spite of being stood up so many times, she had a really good day.

We are still on the fence about aquatic therapy.  Allie seems to be doing cool stuff but it doesn't seem like anything that we couldn't do ourselves in a kiddie pool with some rubber ducks.  We'll give it a couple more weeks to decide.

The neurology appointment went well too in spite of the physiatrist not showing up.  The wean for one of her epilepsy medications (Topamax) is being slowed meaning that she will be holding steady at her current dosage for a month and then lowered again.  Her other medication (Trileptal) got increased slightly.  All is going well on the epilepsy front; we are just being conservative.

The neurologist was very impressed with Allie's right sided movement and her general development.  There was a speech pathologist at the meeting who we had met before and she said that Allie's speech development is right on target for where she should be.  All good news. 

Allie's neurologist admitted that the only reason that we referred to the epileptologist back in February was to better prepare us for surgical interventions.  I feel incredibly fortunate to be so removed from that discussion.

In other news, while Jonathan was on Allie duty, I was on project bird-rescue.  I was walking to the train this morning and almost stepped on a little baby sparrow flopping around on the ground.  I picked her up and brought her to a local pet store for guidance.  The pet store loaded me up with bird formula, an eye dropper, a portable carrier, and referred me to a wildlife rehabilitation site about 20 miles from our home.  I brought her home, fed her, and then somehow convinced a very perturbed Jonathan that he should drive the little bird to the rescue center after he got home from the doctor with Allie.

He was not happy about my avian mission but he brought the little bird to the rehab site with Allie while I was at work.  Allie loved it there with all the friendly wild birds chirping at her.  I hope the little bird makes it.

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  1. Jonathan, you are a true and devoted husband to take a baby bird to a sanctuary because your wife wants you to. Nice efforts by all.