Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Two Handed Mischief

Allie and I were getting ready to leave for daycare this morning and asked her to brush her hair.  I left her room to finish packing her bag and I came back to find that she had made her way to the bookshelf and was frantically throwing her toys on the ground.  It took me a moment to realize that her disobedience came in the form of a box of toys for each hand.  Check out how far in the blue box Righty is!

Also, take note of her right toe curling.  This is something I have been noticing a lot lately even though it has been happening for a while.  Her right toes curl when she is sitting and actively doing something.  She has no problem straightening them out if you touch her right foot and they are in a great position when she walks.  Her right leg is a little weaker than her left leg and it might be a little smaller but the difference is pretty negligible.  One of her physical therapists even suggested that maybe Allie has monoplegia (meaning one limb is affected) instead of her diagnosed hemiplegia (meaning an entire side is affected).  I take that to mean that her leg is in pretty good shape.

It seems to me that the toe curling is an obvious remnant of her right leg impairment.  However, I am currently looking over at Jonathan who is doing exactly the same thing with his foot while watching TV.  Stroke or genetic? I wonder what it would be like not to have to ask that question.

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