Monday, June 11, 2012

Sicky is still sick... even on vacation

Jonathan, Allie and I headed out Friday for our first ever family vacation.  We rented an adorable beach house along the Delaware shore (below) and quickly got settled in.


All day Friday, Allie was great.  She was happy to be in a new place and really liked the beach.  I suspect that she mostly liked wearing her hat and sun glasses, which she wanted on all the time. 

Later that night, two of our friends from DC arrived to spend the night with us and enjoy a little beach time.  We were all expecting a relaxing evening but Allie had other plans.

Around 1am on Saturday morning, Allie woke up and melted down.  At first it sounded like she had a bad dream because her cry sounded scared.  Normally, when she has nightmares, it takes a minute or two for her to fully wake up and realize that whatever was scaring her was not actually there.  This time, she was still screaming in her terrified voice after 30 minutes and Jonathan and I were feeling pretty helpless.  

In an act of desperation, Jonathan took Allie for a half hour drive to try to settle her... and it worked!  They crept back into the house with Allie asleep.  The second that her head touched her pillow, she woke up and melted down again.  A few minutes later, Jonathan and Allie were back out the door and didn't return for an hour.  

This time, upon their arrival home, Allie was awake wearing just a diaper.  Jonathan flipped on the lights and was frantically trying to hand me a vaguely moist and sour smelling Allie.  She had thrown up A LOT in the car.  She was now as happy as could be and after a brief wipe down and new pajamas, she was sound asleep and slept through the rest of the night.

She woke up in the morning seeming pretty happy and we figured that she just ate something that disagreed with her.  We went to the beach and Allie had the time of her life.  She walked out to the water and squealed in delight as the water crashed onto her legs.  She was so happy.

After the beach, we went out to lunch with our friends and they took off back to DC in the evening.  Shortly after they left, Allie stopped putting on a brave face and we realized that she was actually pretty sick.  She had a fever, started throwing up, and was whining like no other.  A cold compress helped and she was able to get some rest through the night (only waking up every couple of hours when the compress fell off).

Today, she has been up and down.  She is still vomiting and feverish, but she is also reasonably chipper.  Allie spent the whole day indoors sleeping, throwing up, and trying to eat.  Poor girl.  You can see her in one of her happier moods below.

We are optimistic that Allie will be feeling better tomorrow.

But, one amazing therapy thing that Allie just started doing was her isolating her right pointer finger.  This is a totally big deal.  Her pointer and thumb are often a little stiff.  Check out her admiring her new found pointer below while sporting her sunglasses, of course.

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  1. As usual you've been able to find a bright spot in all of this. Hope she's feeling better today. Great photos! Love, Gama