Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Sicker than we thought

Cuddling in the exam room
Allie felt worse today than she did yesterday.  
She was up all night dry-heaving and looked pretty green this morning.  We called Allie's doctor's advice line and the nurse strongly encouraged us to bring Allie to a doctor ASAP.  We found a local urgent care center and brought Allie in right away.
We were concerned about dehydration and maybe some lung issues because she was breathing really hard.  What we were not expecting was a nasty ear infection.  We got a prescription for some antibiotics and were very quickly on our way.  
We had to get the prescription filled on the way home but we didn't expect that too take to long.  Two pharmacies and over an hour later, we finally had the antibiotics in hand and we were on our way back to the beach house.
We were told to be vigilant about dehydration so Jonathan and I set a timer and shot a straw-full of electrolyte water into her mouth every five minutes. 
Towards the end of the day, Allie seemed to be feeling a little better.  She played with her new get-well balloon and even gave us a few smiles.  But mostly she just slept.   Fingers crossed that she is feeling better tomorrow.

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