Sunday, June 24, 2012

New Toy

Jonathan and I have been extraordinarily conservative (aka stingy) buying Allie toys.  Our home is very small and can't house nearly all the stuff that Allie would love to have.  I am guilty of boxing up and donating toys that she is still enjoying because she is "almost" too big for them. 

We have been circling around the idea of buying a walker for a few weeks now and we finally broke down and bought this gigantic green dinosaur that she can use as a walker or a bike.

In riding form, the dinosaur's back legs snap together to form a seat.  This is a great balance exercise for her.  Allie quickly figured out how to push herself backwards.  Granted, she can only go a few feet in any one direction (back to the small home thing) but she doesn't care.

In walker form, the legs separate to allow room for the kid to walk.  Allie took one independent step while playing with it like this and we were so happy.  She also has to hold on with both hands and this gives Righty a good stretch.  Her right pointer and thumb still like to be fisted so we celebrate any fun opportunity to get them in a more functional position.

As far as we can tell, Allie's only complaint is that Dada keeps tickling her when she is trying to ride.  It's a rough life.

Allie has become very Mama centric lately and I can't say that I hate it.  She has never been particularly cuddly but suddenly she wants to nuzzle and hold my hand all the time.  I am dreading the day when Mama is out and Dada is in.  Jonathan is handling it better than I would be.

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