Friday, June 15, 2012

Mexican Mix-Up

Tonight, we were all excited to go to dinner at this gourmet Mexican restaurant located on the historic main street in the town that we are staying in.  We got there right after it opened and it was already packed.  We put our name on the waiting list, waited over a half hour, and were ecstatic to have our name called.

We got to our table and asked for a high chair for Allie... they didn't have any!  We tried to tough it out with Allie sitting on my lap but she kept shouting and we were getting weird looks from all of our surrounding tables.  So, we left. 

We ended up at a much-less gourmet Mexican restaurant that had pictures of its food on the menu and was located in strip mall with a strip club and a Planned Parenthood.  We got seated outside, directly adjacent to a very busy road with a great view of a Hooters billboard.  I think Jonathan's expression sums up how he felt about it.

About half way through our meal, a kid got seated next to our table and decided to dance for us.  He stood next to our table, made creepy eye contact, and wiggled... for 20 minutes.  Allie absolutely loved it.  Jonathan and I could have done without it.

Not quite the evening that we had in mind but it was entertaining none the less.

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  1. Guess its time to go home and recover from the vacation. Love Jonathan's expression. Was he looking at the hooters billboard or the enchiladas? B