Friday, June 22, 2012

Field Trip Fail

Allie's daycare went to a local park that has a water-play area.  It didn't go very well.  

It took longer than expected for the kids to get on the bus and get down to the park.  By the time that they arrived, Allie was hot and tired.  She was surprised to see me at the park but very skeptical of these water spouts that the other kids were playing in.  She timidly walked over to the spout, it sprayed her in the face, and this just ruined her day.  

Several minutes and many tears later, she got to sit down in a dry corner and play with Sam.  Sam and Allie are in different classes at daycare, so they see each other often but don't interact much on a typical day.  That being said, they seem to like each other...

Allie: "Hey Sam, what's up?"  
Sam: "I don't think I've ever seen you in a swimsuit before... you look nice!"

Allie: "Oh Sam, you make me blush!"  

Sam: "Here... let me show you how to empty this toy dump truck."

Allie: "Wow.  You are so knowledgeable about mechanics."  

Sam: "Let me show you how this swimsuit comes off too..."
Allie: "Sam!  I thought we were just friends!"

After a brief lunch, Allie loaded back on the bus and she and I parted ways.   Not the happiest field trip ever, but now I know to watch out for Sam!

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