Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Feeling much better today

Allie has been feeling much better today.  She got happier as the day progressed and we took full advantage of it.

We started off the morning by walking down the local boardwalk.  Allie wore out pretty quickly so we detoured back home so that she could take a long nap. In the afternoon, we went out to lunch (shown above) and then drove to some of the other local beaches.

It is funny how old Jonathan and I have become: we were were driving down the road, listening to NPR, and scoffing at the young-folks walking down the street in their skimpy clothes and barely disguised beer cans.  Don't they know that they are going to get sunburned and dehydrated?!?!  We rushed home, tucked Allie into bed, and played a riveting game of Monopoly.

Yeah... I don't know when I became the oldest 27-year old I know.

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  1. Haha. Great story. Funny how parenthood changes everything. Even sunshine becomes a reason for sunscreen rather than sunbathing. Love to baby girl! Glad she's better. B