Friday, June 15, 2012

Beach Baby

In honor of the 100th Allie Growing Up post, here are some beach photos of our non-sick baby.

Allie has been getting lots of practice with her new favorite word: "No!"  We move a toy slightly out of reach and she shouts "No! No! No! No!" while shaking her head left to right.  I was in a store the other day and Allie started snatching things off the shelf, throwing them on the ground, and shouting "No! No! No!"  I was mortified in the proud kind of way and carried her out of the store.

As I sat writing this entry, Jonathan was playing with Allie trying to get her to cruise back and forth on the couch.  Then, Allie took her first by-herself sideways step to get her musical stuffed dog!  Her physical therapist is so confused by Allie because she can take steps forward while holding our hands but she can't go sideways on furniture, which is supposed to be easier.  She's a perplexing girl.


  1. I've been loving following you. My son has hemiplegia too. It helps reading where your little one is at. How old is she now?

    1. Hi Jamie! Thanks for following us on our journey. Allie is 16 months old now. How old is your son?