Friday, June 1, 2012

Allie in MN, Mama in DC

Allie and Jonathan left for MN this morning, leaving me in DC for a weekend work meeting.  I asked everyone to send me lots of photos to keep me updated as to what our little girl is doing.  This is what I can discern her day was like:

Getting settled on the plane and immediately started kicking the seat in front of her.  When a baby doesn't have enough leg room, you know there is a problem
Doesn't flying just take it out of you?
It was shocking to see Gama.
And a little weird for Papa to nap next to me...
but I had Penny so it was OK.

Then we went swimming!

Rather, it was more of a pool-side sitting.

I looked so cute in my glasses!

Take a good look...

Wait!  Get me from this angle.

Then I got a wagon ride home with my cousin Noah.  I think he might be a little big for the wagon but he just wanted to be close and I didn't mind.

And, before I had to go to bed, I finally got to meet Dada's friend Max and his mama.

Papa is so funny!  Good night!

It was a fun day to be Allie.  Thank you to everyone for keeping me so in the loop!  I hope to receive just as many photos tomorrow.

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