Friday, June 29, 2012

Allie did two really cool two handed things tonight totally on her own.

First, she was practicing her standing tonight and getting a big kick out of her toy car.  We were running it up and down her legs and onto her stomach.  She was laughing and having a great time when she shocked us and grabbed onto the truck with both hands. 

Second, Jonathan, Allie, and I were rolling a big ball back and forth.  She started off by pushing the ball to us with Lefty.  She then picked up the ball with both hands and started bouncing the ball towards us!  We are so proud of her.

Allie's self care skills have really taken off lately too.  After her bath tonight, we gave her a tooth brush and told her to brush her teeth.  She did.  Then we gave her a hair brush and told her to brush her hair.  She did.  She also helps take off her shirts, socks, and shoes.  She's a helpful girl.


  1. And I bet she's really close to saying GAMA? Right, Allie

  2. Allie has a great mom and a fabulous dad - that's what counts in this girl's journey. Love you guys