Saturday, June 23, 2012

Our Green Eyed Monster

Allie did a few brand new things today, but not all of them were good.  Let's start with the positives...

She held herself up with her left hand and she used Righty to play.


 Then, she figured out how to turn pages with Righty.

Now... the bad.

We went out to lunch with another couple and their two month old daughter.  Jonathan and I were cooing over the little baby, who was incredibly cute.  Allie was sitting on my lap when she calmly leaned over and bit me!  Jealously is not a good look on her.

Later in the night, we had her walking between Jonathan and me as part of her regular physical therapy exercise.  She got annoyed, leaned over pretending to hug me, and she bit me again!  The little jerk!

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